Statement on Trump Lawyer’s Entrance Into Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Race

FAIRFAX STATION -- After months in violation of the Hatch Act, Trump White House attorney Jonathan Fahey announced his fulltime candidacy for the Fairfax Commonwealth's Attorney's Office today. Thus far, Fahey’s proposals are based on the failed drug policies of the past, a broken tough on crime approach, and a narrative intent on scaring our immigrant neighbors.

Jonathan Fahey has the support and financial backing of the local Republican party and fringe conservatives from both within, and well beyond, Fairfax County.

Having served as General Counsel for Donald Trump’s “drug czar,” Fahey fits the mold of the backwards, fear-mongering candidate that far-right Republicans have gravitated towards in recent years.

“This doesn’t surprise me,” said Steve Descano, the official Democratic nominee for Commonwealth’s Attorney. “Fairfax County did something historic on June 11th--for the first time in 56 years, there was a primary for this office and tens of thousands of voters stood up in the face of the status quo and demanded change. That has rattled far-right conservatives near and far. Now, they’re scrambling out of fear to stop progress.”

Fahey’s campaign has already been marred with problems and falsehoods. Jonathan Fahey solicited the endorsement of the Fairfax County Republican Committee ahead of the June 11th primary, a clear violation of the Hatch Act as he was still serving the Trump Administration. Local Republican leaders then rushed to gain the necessary signatures to place Fahey on the ballot as an independent in order to mislead voters. Since then, Fahey has spent months quietly collecting a government salary while knowingly violating the law and beginning his run for public office.

“My opponent doesn’t qualify to serve as Fairfax County’s Commonwealth’s Attorney. One, he doesn’t respect the law--he’s proven that over the last several months by violating the Hatch Act; sadly, a common habit of the Trump Administration. Two, he’s attempting to deceive us into believing he’s an independent and that he doesn’t have the backing of local Republicans and out-of-county, far-right conservatives. Lastly, and most importantly, he does not share the values of our community. That’s why his campaign is parroting the latest talking points coming from Trump’s Attorney General, William Barr. My opponent wants to scare Fairfax County voters into not showing up to vote for reform this November. Unfortunately for him, his former boss, and his Republican backers, the people of Fairfax County know better and aren’t so easily fooled” remarked Steve Descano.

Descano continued, “Jonathan Fahey has never met a mandatory minimum he doesn’t like, he has a narrow view of the criminal justice system, and he’s not active in our community. If elected, his tough-on-crime policies would push marginalized communities to hide in fear from our criminal justice system, and the cycle of continued crime, increased poverty, and crumbling opportunity would continue to spread.”

Steve Descano is the Democratic candidate for Fairfax County’s Commonwealth’s Attorney; his plan for criminal justice reform is Progressive Justice. Steve is an Army veteran and former prosecutor for U.S. Department of Justice under the Obama administration.


Steve Descano