Steve’s campaign for Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney is proud to be endorsed by a number of progressive organizations and local leaders.

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Governor Terry Mcauliffe

“As Governor, I moved to restore the voting and civil rights of all Virginians who had been convicted of felonies, served their time, and returned to the community free of state supervision. Unfortunately, some elected officials opposed that initiative—succumbing to the politics of fear and sentencing us to the wrong side of history. The lessons I learned from that time remind me that we need bold thinkers that embrace our commonwealth's potential and will make Virginia a leader in criminal justice reform. That leadership starts locally. Steve Descano, as a veteran, former federal prosecutor, and father, understands the values of our community and has the experience to be the type of truly progressive leader Fairfax County needs now more than ever. I am happy to endorse Steve Descano to be the next Fairfax County Commonwealth's Attorney.” -Terry McAuliffe, 72nd Governor of Virginia (2014-2018)

State Senator Adam Ebbin (D-30)

“The mark of a good elected official is one who understands the necessity of ethical treatment of all Virginians under the law,” says Senator Ebbin. “Steve Descano has excelled at this in and out of the courtroom. His impressive work prosecuting those who defraud and extort the poor, his achievements in ensuring effective citizen oversight of police activities, and his efforts on the Fairfax NAACP Criminal Justice Committee speak to his understanding of and commitment to justice. He is the clear choice to ensure Fairfax County provides fair legal treatment for every resident. I am proud to endorse him.” -Adam Ebbin, State Senator (2012-Present)

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State Senator Barbara Favola (D-31)

“As a member of the Senate of Virginia, I take pride in my reputation as a pragmatist. My constituents know they can look to me to represent their best interests and get things done in Richmond. It is time to bring that same diligence to Virginia's criminal justice system. I need a partner who will advocate for progressive criminal justice reform in Fairfax County and around the Commonwealth. That force is Steve Descano - who has demonstrated his dedication and understanding of the justice system during his time as a federal prosecutor, as part of the NAACP’s Criminal Justice and Legal Redress Committees and in his carefully laid out plan, Progressive Justice. I am proud to endorse Steve as Fairfax County's next Commonwealth's Attorney and anticipate a productive relationship between our offices.” -Barbara Favola, State Senator (2012-Present)

Delegate Marcus Simon (D-53)

“Keeping constituents informed about what I'm doing on their behalf in Richmond and being active in our community are integral to my job as Delegate. This is what it means to be an elected official. It is that quality and commitment to transparency that struck me about Steve Descano. Before getting into Virginia politics, I served as a JAG prosecutor for the Army and saw firsthand how opaque the judicial system can be. As a former prosecutor in the Department of Justice, Steve has experienced that imbalance. His experience and faith in the system however, is what will make him a great Commonwealth's Attorney. Not only will you see Steve out in the community, he will publish and discuss with you the objectives of his office. He believes in the potential for an equitable and transparent system, which is why I am proud to endorse Steve Descano to be our next Fairfax County's Commonwealth's Attorney.” -Marcus Simon, Delegate (2014-Present)


Delegate Ibraheem Samirah (D-86)

“Although I'm new to the General Assembly, my experience with Virginia's history of systemic discrimination and racism is not. In Fairfax County, we need leaders who are willing to be champions for issues of intersectional justice. Steve Descano has a history of leadership and working within marginalized communities - he served on the NAACP’s Criminal Justice and Legal Redress Committees, and he was a founding member of the Police Civilian Review Panel. He is committed to making justice an equitable opportunity for all. Steve is an ally, a leader and a friend of the progressive movement that is sweeping our county. I am proud to endorse him as Fairfax County's next Commonwealth's Attorney.” -Ibraheem Samirah, Delegate (2019-Present)

Gene Rossi

“For close to thirty years, I worked with and mentored over a thousand U.S. Justice Department prosecutors. I had the honor and privilege to work with Steve Descano, when we both were in the Eastern District of Virginia. I was and am greatly impressed by his phenomenal devotion to public service and criminal justice, as well as his superb credentials, including West Point, Army helicopter pilot, law review, and his years as a federal prosecutor. Steve exemplifies duty, honor, and country. And as the next Commonwealth’s Attorney for Fairfax County, he will use those strong character traits in administering justice with fairness, compassion, and integrity. As I have said many times over the years, a prosecutor must never be wedded to old and tired standards that were once popular decades ago, yet are now incompatible with our shared progressive values and are simply stale. A prosecutor should always remain open to creative and bold approaches. Steve is the perfect choice. He will bring fresh ideas and ‘New Blood’ as Fairfax’ lead prosecutor. I proudly endorse Steve.” -Gene Rossi, Veteran Prosecutor and former candidate for Lieutenant Governor

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New Virginia Majority

“Steve has shown his commitment to engaging with every corner of the county, making sure everyone's voice is heard, rooting out overly punitive and inconsistent practices, especially where we see racial disparities, are aligned with the communities we serve. We are excited to spread the word about these campaigns throughout the community.” -New Virginia Majority Press Release


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VoteVets PAC

“The mission of VoteVets.org Political Action Committee is to elect Veterans to public office; hold public officials accountable for their words and actions that impact America’s 21st century service members, Veterans, and their families; and fully support our men and women in uniform.” -VoteVets PAC Mission Statement