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8.29.2019 - The Washington Post

As candidates pledge marijuana decriminalization, Alexandria will offer pot diversion program

“Steve T. Descano, Democratic candidate for the Fairfax prosecutor job, praised the plan in a tweet, adding, ‘Hope we can bring these types of reforms to’ Fairfax.” Read More

8.13.2019 - Blue Virginia

Democratic Nominee Steve Descano Rips “Trump Lawyer’s Entrance Into [Fairfax] Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Race”

According to Descano’s press release, Fahey ‘solicited the endorsement of the Fairfax County Republican Committee ahead of the June 11th primary, a clear violation of the Hatch Act as he was still serving the Trump Administration.’” Read More

7.18.2019 - The appeal

Will November Bring a “Wave” of Reform Prosecutors in Virginia?

“‘For me, it does all come back to the prosecutor,’ Steve Descano, who is running in Fairfax County, told the Political Report in April. ‘If you were to have a prosecutor who was committed to making a dent in mass incarceration and ending mass incarceration, it would be within their powers.’ One of his proposals is to charge more cases at the misdemeanor level, rather than at the felony level, which carries far more severe penalties.” Read more

6.12.2019 - The Appeal

In Key Virginia Primaries, Winners Ran on Ending Mass Incarceration

Steve Descano, a former federal prosecutor, beat Morrogh in Fairfax County and Fairfax City.” Read More

6.12.2019 - The Washington Post

Northern Virginia voters endorse a new mandate on criminal justice

“Not long ago, Democrats across Virginia felt compelled to emphasize their commitment to be tough on crime. On Tuesday, two Northern Virginia prosecutors with decades of experience lost to newcomers pledging to put fewer people behind bars.” Read More

6.11.2019 - The Washington Post

Progressive challengers oust longtime prosecutors in Northern Virginia

“Dehghani-Tafti and Descano are among a wave of progressive liberal candidates who have promised to use local prosecutor posts to remake criminal justice policy on issues including racial disparities in sentencing, marijuana prosecutions and the death penalty.” Read More

6.6.2019 - The Appeal

Tuesday’s Elections Could Overhaul Prosecution in Northern Virginia

Descano talked of creating “a coalition” to “act as a counterpoint” to the Virginia Association of Commonwealth’s Attorneys (VACA). VACA is the group that lobbies on behalf of Virginia prosecutors, typically for more punitive policies.” Read More

5.29.2019 - INSIDE NOVA

Letter: Incumbent prosecutor is not moving fast enough

“Morrogh’s failure to accomplish real reform after over a decade in office shouldn’t be just cast aside. The endorsement itself admitted that Morrogh has not gone fast enough to reform the criminal-justice system.” Read More

4.18.2019 - The appealRead More

“Ending Mass Incarceration” Requires “a Systemic Approach:” An Interview with Steve Descano, Candidate in Fairfax

“I would not prosecute cases of marijuana possession. I take a look at what marijuana possession cases are.” Read More

3.26.2019 - The Washington Post

Opponent attacks Fairfax County’s prosecutor over comments about Democrats

“The campaign of Steve Descano, a former federal prosecutor, highlighted the exchange in a statement on Tuesday, saying its time to demand “new thinking and real reform” from the Fairfax County prosecutor’s office.” Read More

3.22.2019 - Fairfax County Times

Commonwealth’s attorney candidates spar over criminal justice reform

“Descano argued at the NAACP forum that the commonwealth’s attorney needs to take a more proactive approach to addressing racial inequities and other systemic issues observed in the criminal justice system…” Read More

3.9.2019 - Millennial Politics Podcast

Meet Steve Descano, Progressive for Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney

“Fairfax County is the most populous county in Virginia, with over one million residents composing over 13% of the Commonwealth’s population. The progressive in the race is Steve Descano, who is…” Listen to the Interview

2.24.2019 - Covering the Corridor

McKay, Lusk, Descano winners in straw poll

“Descano, a former federal prosecutor, won convincingly over incumbent Ray [Morrogh].” See the Results

2.18.2019 - Blue Virginia

Meet the Commonwealth’s Attorney Challengers, Episode 2: Steve Descano (Fairfax County)

“It is imperative that elected prosecutors are leaders in criminal justice reform. As leader of the County’s criminal justice system, the Commonwealth’s Attorney is best positioned…” Read the Full Interview

2.11.2019 - Reston Impact

Steve Descano, Candidate for Commonwealth Attorney - February 2019

Watch the Full Interview

1.17.2019 - Covering the Corridor

McAuliffe endorses challenger in commonwealth’s attorney race

“Descano said he will work to eliminate cash bail, craft a new approach to dealing with low-level drug offenses, and increase transparency in the county’s justice system.” Read More

1.13.2019 - Covering the Corridor

Challenger vows to bring transparency, reforms to commonwealth’s attorney office

“In addition to his time as a prosecutor, Descano has served as a trial attorney in the Criminal Tax Division and Consumer Protection Branch of the Justice Department. A 2002 graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point…” Read the Full Interview

1.2.2019 - The Washington Post

Upstart candidates for prosecutor hope to bring reform wave to Northern Virginia

“[Morrogh] faces a challenge from a former federal prosecutor and Army helicopter pilot. Steve Descano calls his run a ‘values campaign.’” Read More